Spousal Maintenance

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Spousal Maintenance

Spousal maintenance refers to financial support that is paid by one party of a couple to their ex-partner. It can be used by either married or defacto couples.

To what extent is spousal maintenance owed?

Spousal or defacto maintenance is mandated by the Family Law Act 1975, where an ex-partner has a responsibility to care for an ex-partner in situations where they are unable to cover their own reasonable expenses through their own income or assets.

The obligation is owed to the extent that the other party can afford it.

Our lawyers can help determine party’s eligibility for spousal maintenance, and can deal with these issues as they arise in family law settlements, for either party.

What does the Family Court consider?

The Family Court will take into consideration the needs of the applicant, and the other side’s ability to pay.

The Court will take into account the following factors:

  • What defines an adequate standard of living
  • Whether the marriage or defacto arrangement affected the ability of one party to earn a living
  • Which partner will have primary care of children
  • A partner’s ability to work
  • Age
  • Health status
  • Whether the partner has entered into a new relationship


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Yes - we can help determine whether spousal maintenance is likely to be an issue in your family law matter. And if so, what amount you can reasonably expect to pay (or to receive). This will be determined by a range of factors unique to the relationship including age, health, income, and so on. We'll help you understand what's going on so you can make educated decisions regarding your family law matter.

Yes, spousal maintenance applies to de facto relationships just as it does to marriages. Sometimes it is referred to as de facto partner maintenance in this context.

While it is not always guaranteed that spousal maintenance will have to be paid after the end of a de facto relationship, they are treated like marriages and will go through the same process to determine whether spousal maintenance is likely to be included into the property settlement.

The Court can only make a de facto maintenance order if your de facto relationship meets certain jurisdictional requirements. Our family lawyers can help you understand these requirements and how they will affect you.

It depends on the facts of each case. Spousal maintenance may be payable for a period of time if there is an inequality between the incomes or earning capacity of both parties after divorce. If you have limited financial resources and your wife has sufficient income, it may be ordered that spousal maintenance be paid to ensure that both parties can sustain a similar lifestyle to pre-separation.

Spousal maintenance is usually defined as being owed for the duration of a set period of time. This will be determined by facts unique to the relationship and their financial and lifestyle needs.

When it comes to spousal maintenance payments, there are several options available. You could make regular payments on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis, or alternatively, you may opt for one lump sum payment.

Additionally, certain expenses such as accommodation costs, loan repayments and health insurance may need to be covered under spousal maintenance if necessary.

Spousal maintenance is calculated based on the parties' income, financial resources, and reasonable living expenses. The court takes into account factors such as age, health, ability to earn an income, care of children, duration of the relationship, contributions made during the relationship, and any other obligations of either party to support the other. Spousal maintenance orders can be for a fixed sum or for periodic payments.

There are calculators available online that will allow you to calculate an estimate of what you can expect to be paid or pay depending on your situation. While they will not be able to reveal the exact amount, they're a good tool for planning ahead and preparing yourself for any outcome.


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