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Family law matters can be emotionally taxing, leaving you drained even just thinking about them. Our lawyers provide clear advice and guidance to help you navigate your family law matter. We sit down with you to understand your situation, untangle the mess, and map out the best steps forward.

Your Trusted Family Advice Lawyers

Movement Legal’s team of dedicated family advice lawyers offers compassionate support and expert legal advice, helping you make informed decisions and,if necessary, representing you in Family Court. With clear advice and personalised support, we make the family law process as stress-free as possible.

Our Family Law Services

Divorce and Separation

Terminating a marriage beyond repair following a 12-month separation period.

Child Custody and Support

Financial contributions are exchanged between parents to aid in raising children.

Child custody arrangements

Determining care arrangements and decision-making authority for a child or children.

Spousal maintenance

Financial support for partners who relied on the primary earner during the relationship.

Property settlement

Evaluating and distributing assets, debts, and financial resources among parties involved.

Prenuptial Agreements

Formalising a legally binding agreement between prospective spouses outlining the division of assets and financial arrangements in the event of divorce or separation.

De Facto Relationships

Understanding and navigating separation and propety settlement at the end of a de facto relationship.


Establishing a formal domestic separation while maintaining legal marital status.

How Our Family Advice Lawyers Can Assist You

  • Provide expert advice on family law matters

    Our family advice lawyers possess extensive knowledge of Australian family law, offering expert advice on various issues, such as divorce, property settlements, child custody, and financial arrangements.

  • Guide you through the legal process

    We can guide you through each stage of the legal process, ensuring you understand your rights, responsibilities, and the potential outcomes of your case.

  • Negotiate on your behalf

    Our experienced lawyers can skillfully negotiate with the other party or their legal representative to reach a fair and reasonable agreement that protects your interests.

  • Represent you in court

    If your case proceeds to court, our family advice lawyers can advocate on your behalf, presenting a strong case to secure the best possible outcome for you.

  • Prepare and review legal documents

    Our lawyers can help you draft, review, and finalise essential documents related to your family law matter, ensuring they are legally binding and enforceable.

Why Choose Movement Legal Family Advice Lawyers?

Facing family law matters can be both emotionally and legally challenging. With extensive experience in Australian family law, our family advice lawyers have the knowledge and expertise to help you navigate your family law matter and achieve the best possible outcome.

Cost Certainty

We offer our clients certainty and transparency on our legal fees. We will quote you a fixed fee wherever possible rather than charging you by the hour.

Fast turn around times

We prioritise prompt and clear communication with our clients to ensure maximum efficiency. We will respond quickly with clear directions on how to help you with your case.

Family law specialists

Our family advice lawyers are specialists in family law, dealing with various family law matters daily. We can help you with any aspect of family law, providing expert advice, negotiation, and representation when needed.

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