Selling or transferring a property between members of the couple is common. We can manage the process for a fixed fee.

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Conveyancing and Title Transfers

If you transfer a share of your property to a former spouse or de facto partner, you won't be responsible for paying stamp duty. The transfer can also be made to a child or children, or to a trustee for the child or children, of one of the parents in the relationship.

The process of transferring house title after separation is relatively straightforward.

Start by checking with your bank to determine if you can secure financing for the transfer of the house in your sole name. Additionally, we will handle all necessary statutory requirements, typically involving Exemption of Stamp Duty forms, Separation Agreement, and Property Transfer Documentation.

Our process is handled by experienced conveyancers and lawyers, and done on a fixed-fee basis.

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Some things to know about
Title Transfers and Conveyancing

  • Avoiding Stamp Duty

    Stamp duty is a tax imposed on the purchase real estate. This requirement can be waived if the purchase of transfer was made at the end of a marriage or defacto relationship - for example when the family home is transferred over to one member of the couple.

  • Loan approval

    When seeking financing to finalise a property purchase, it is important to secure loan approval before the Contracts become locked in. Once the commitment is locked in, cancellation or withdrawal from the Contract is not possible, even if it is subsequently discovered that securing the necessary financing is unattainable. In this kind of scenario, a person would forfeit the entire 10% deposit, lose the opportunity to acquire the property, and potentially face legal action from the Vendor for losses and damages incurred at resale.

The Benefits of using Movement Legal

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Our team blends comprehensive legal expertise with technology to make the separation process more affordable and personalised.


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