Separation and divorce simplified

Movement Legal provides an easier, less confrontational solution for those seeking to separate cordially.

We make quality legal advice affordable for couples and individuals.

Our goal is to keep you out of court

Unlike many other law firms, we do not want to escalate conflict. We minimise drama, keep you out of court, lower expenses and focus on outcomes.

We believe that separation doesn't have to be confrontational, and that Court should only ever be used as a last resort.

About Movement Legal

The Movement Legal Approach

Traditional Law Firms

Traditionally, law firms are expensive and tend to emphasise the adversarial nature of the separation process. They are weighed down by board rooms, print rooms, CBD offices, paralegals and hourly billing. This results in an expensive, and often drawn out service.

The New Way

We’re experienced lawyers, available online. We de-emphasise conflict between the parties and use technology to provide a light, faster, and far more cost effective operation compared with traditional law firms.

Our Offering

Fixed-fee Pricing

Transparent Pricing

No surprise bills. You can budget your legal spend before we commence any work.

Separation Packages

Separation Packages

We make it simple through our bundled packages.

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Holistic Service Offering

Holistic Service Offering

An end-to-end solution that includes estate planning, wills, conveyancing, mediation, & divorce applications.

The Team

Ezra Sarajinsky

Ezra Sarajinsky

Separation Lawyer & Founder




Separation Lawyer


Julie Spiegal

Legal Consultant


Alon Bernstein


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