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At Movement Legal we are here to guide you through the family law process. We focus on minimising drama and conflict, and keeping you in control. We provide legal advice that sets realistic expectations, and is always outcome-focussed. 

We understand the sensitive nature of the issues that have brought you to us, and our focus is on ensuring you have a clear sense of the way forward. We know that this is an emotional journey for you, and we take an empathic and supportive approach with our clients.

Our team of lawyers are accessible, professional, and genuine. We’re here to reach equitable outcomes for all, while working hard to defend your interests.

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We are a modern law firm, combining a very personalised experience with an eye on innovation in the legal industry. We combine the best of traditional law, with the edge of New Law.

We work on a ratio of associates and junior lawyers to partners that is far below that of other firms, and we purely focus on our area of expertise: family and divorce law. We limit the number and type of matters we undertake so as to only take on clients where we know we can make a difference.

Our Values


We believe that making complex legal concepts understandable is the basic job of a lawyer. We provide clear advice, and present you with a range of options tailored to your unique situation. We keep you informed and empowered every step of the way.


We are passionate about what we do, and the results we are able to bring to our clients. We focus on providing outstanding service, and meeting your expectations.


Family law can be stressful and confusing for all involved. We never lose sight of the end game, which is getting you moving from where you are now … to freedom


Ezra Sarajinsky

Ezra Sarajinsky LLB, BA

Family Lawyer

Ezra founded Movement Legal with a vision to bring transparency and simplicity to family law.

Ezra has managed law firms for over a decade, and in that time has developed a unique approach that couples legal excellence with project management.

He graduated with a Bachelors of Law in 2004 from UNSW. Ezra has extensive experience in migration and commercial law as well as family law.

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Luke has practised as a family lawyer for almost 15 years.

He has extensive experience in all aspects of Family Law matters including separation and divorce, property settlements, financial settlements, consent orders and financial agreements, de facto relationship agreements, parenting issues and arrangements for children, child support, child abduction, domestic violence matters and spousal maintenance.

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