Child Custody

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Child Custody

With the breakdown of a relationship, determining the living arrangements of children is often the most emotionally charged issue at hand. At some stage, child custody arrangements will need to be defined. If the parents are unable to negotiate their own arrangements, the Court will make a determination on the matter.

While you will want to obtain the best result for your children, negotiations regarding these issues with your ex-partner can be extremely stressful. This is where our child custody lawyers can help.

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Separation and divorce are very difficult times, especially so when children’s lives and parenting arrangements are at stake. Movement Legal’s team of experienced child custody lawyers are here to give you advice, options, and obtain the fairest result possible. We are here to make sure that your children get the outcome that is in their best interest.

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At Movement Legal, we understand that child custody arrangements and disputes can be emotionally challenging. Our team of experienced child custody lawyers is here to provide you with the guidance and support you need to navigate this difficult time. With decades of combined experience in Australian family law, we have the knowledge and expertise to help you develop comprehensive child custody arrangements that protect your children's best interests.

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We can help you with any aspect of family law - including advice around divorce and separation, child custody, property and financial arrangements, financial agreements, and more.

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Child custody refers to the legal authority to make decisions regarding a child's upbringing, encompassing aspects such as their living arrangements, education, and healthcare.

In Australia, child custody is commonly referred to as "parental responsibility."

The court takes into account the best interests of the child, guided by the Family Law Act. Various factors are considered, including the child's meaningful relationship with each parent, safety, cultural and religious background, age, and other pertinent considerations.

Upon separation, both parents retain shared parental responsibility for the child.

This entails joint responsibility for aspects like healthcare, lifestyle, education, and religion.

It doesn't necessarily entail equal time-sharing between parents. There are no rigid rules, but the court's decision hinges on the child's best interests.

In cases of separated parents, the court may inquire about the child's living preferences. The child's perspective can also be conveyed through an independent child solicitor.

A parenting plan is a documented agreement between parents outlining how they will care for their children.

It covers matters like living arrangements, school holidays, communication, and various aspects of a child's life. While it is signed by the child's parents and dated, a parenting plan lacks legal enforceability.

A parenting order is issued by the courts when parents cannot reach an agreement on parental arrangements. It specifies how the children will be cared for following separation between co-parents.

These parenting orders are legally binding and must be adhered to.

Yes, child custody arrangements can be altered if there is a substantial change in circumstances that affects the child's best interests. Such changes can include alterations in living conditions, the child's health or education needs, or the parents' ability to provide care. A child custody lawyer can assist you in applying to the court for modifications or alterations to an existing child custody arrangement or in seeking to remove parental responsibility from a parent.