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Handling complex family law matters can feel overwhelming, but with the support of seasoned family lawyers, the process becomes more manageable. Movement Legal in Sydney is a family law team that provides proficient and reliable representation to individuals going through separation.

Our family lawyers understand the complexities associated with such cases and are committed to assisting clients in achieving the most favourable outcomes possible. 

For expert guidance in Family Law Act and empathetic legal counsel before any family court, Movement Legal should be your trusted choice.

What Exactly Is Separation?

Separation occurs when either one or both individuals in a marriage or de facto relationship choose to dissolve their domestic partnership. It involves making a definitive decision, effectively communicating it to one’s partner, and taking concrete steps to implement this decision.

It is worth mentioning that going through the court system is not obligatory for formalising a separation. Nonetheless, seeking legal advice can offer valuable insight and assistance regarding crucial matters including property settlement, child custody, child support, and parenting arrangements throughout this period.

How Is Separation Different From Divorce?

Because these two terms are often mixed up, it is crucial to fully grasp the differences between them. A differentiation emerges when a married couple chooses to live separately without initiating any legal procedures to dissolve their marriage.

Despite these differences, both separation and divorce can be complex processes that may require professional help. Family law firms and divorce lawyers can provide valuable guidance throughout these legal proceedings, ensuring the protection of your rights during this challenging time.

Important Considerations in the Event of a Separation

Experiencing a separation can be a challenging and emotional period, particularly when it involves a family. It is crucial to find the right law firm specialising in this family law matter, providing the necessary support and guidance. During a separation, several key factors need to be considered:

Following a separation period of 12 months, you become eligible to apply for a divorce. This application can be initiated either individually or jointly with your spouse. Subsequently, you will have an additional 12 months post-divorce to commence the property settlement process.

Upon the conclusion of a de facto relationship, you have a two-year window to apply for a property settlement or spouse maintenance. If this deadline passes, you may request an extension.

In the event of shared property and assets acquired during the course of a relationship, equitable distribution becomes necessary upon separation. Our goal is to negotiate a settlement that prioritises your best interests, and whenever possible, we strive to resolve these matters outside the courtroom.

How Can Sydney Family Lawyers Help?

Sydney family lawyers offer a wealth of experience, ensuring that clients receive comprehensive guidance and secure the most favourable outcomes in their family law disputes. They extend invaluable advice on matters ranging from property settlements to parenting arrangements and child support.

Having the support of a dedicated family lawyer ensures that clients’ legal rights are protected, allowing them to navigate their personal matters with confidence and peace of mind. With their expertise, clients can rely on compassionate guidance throughout their legal journey.

Why Choose Movement Legal to Help You

Our family law firm is well-equipped to guide you through the complexities of separation, assisting you in navigating the essential stages and offering experienced advice to ensure the best possible conclusion.

Whether you are in the early stages of a separation or are actively negotiating property settlements or parenting arrangements, the following are good reasons to use our services:

Experienced Family Law Experts

Our dedicated team of family law specialists has extensive experience in effectively managing a wide array of legal issues related to families. From divorce and child custody to property division and financial agreements, we are here to offer the necessary support and guidance you require.

Swift Turnaround Times

We understand the urgency often associated with family law matters. That's why we prioritise prompt and clear communication with our clients. We commit to delivering swift responses that provide you with clear directions, ensuring maximum efficiency in addressing your situation.

Transparent and Predictable Costs

At our firm, we believe in providing our clients with certainty and transparency regarding legal fees. To offer you peace of mind, we strive to provide fixed-fee quotes wherever possible, rather than billing you by the hour. This commitment ensures that you have a clear understanding of the costs involved.

Find Experienced Separation Lawyers

Our Extensive Range of Family Law Services

Recognising the overwhelming nature of family law matters, our devoted team is here to provide you with valuable guidance and customised legal support as you navigate through the complexities of these issues. We offer reliable legal services and representation in the following areas:

  • Separation
  • Divorce Applications
  • Property Settlements
  • Binding Financial Agreements (BFAs)
  • Consent Orders
  • Parenting and Children Arrangements
  • Child Recovery Orders
  • AVOs / ADVOs / Intervention Orders
  • Spousal Maintenance
  • Grandparents Rights

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